Cool stuff of the week: September 6th

In case you missed them, here’s 5 of my favorite things I saw on the web this week:


There’s a new RoboCop movie coming out??  What??  Loved the original.  And really couldn’t have been better timed. The trailer looks great – but all trailers look great so who knows.

1) Six Flags announced it is building the world’s “tallest drop ride”

So I love roller coasters as much as the next guy but 415 feet – TWICE as high as the Statue of Liberty?  Ummm, no thanks. I’ll spectate. But the mockup simulation is cool to watch.

2) How a $6,000 video got 6 million views and launched a business

Remember the hilarious Dollar Shave Club videos? Well this woman saw them and got inspired and made her own to launch a business. Camp Gyno?  Enough said. Just watch the video.

3) Fail: Columbus newspaper headline reads “Elway Throws Seven Touchdown Passes”

Hilarious.  Of course it was Peyton Manning, not Elway, who threw the touchdowns in the Broncos season opener where they crushed the Ravens Thursday night. Guess the people of Ohio still have nightmares about Elway and the Broncos. Remember “The Drive”?

4) Photos of abandoned amusement parks

These pictures are pretty wild and a bit spooky. Movie buffs will recognize many of the abandon rides from the movie Hanna (which I highly recommend, I’m a big fan of Eric Bana).

5) World’s greatest drag race

Ok so technically this came out a week ago, but it was just too good to not post. Motor Trend has done this now 3 times. 12 of the worlds fastest supercars drag racing on an abandoned airstrip. Just incredible. About 70000 horsepower in total. And of course my all time favorite car wins for the second time.






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