Cool stuff of the week: July 19th, 2013

In case you missed them, here’s 5 of my favorite things I saw on the web this week:

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos finds the engines from Apollo 11

So incredibly cool. Deep in the Atlantic ocean, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos put together a team that went down 14,000 feet and found the engines from the Saturn V rocket that put Neil Armstrong on the moon. Good timing as Saturday July 20th is the anniversary of man’s first step on the moon.  Get this: Each of the engines weighs nearly 9 tons, and they came in a cluster of five. They provided 32 million horsepower by burning 6,000 pounds of fuel every second, and together, they lifted the largest rocket in history 38 miles above the Earth in less than three minutes. Process that for a second. They did all that BACK IN 1969!  Amazing. It’s sad we’ve basically dismantled NASA’s space exploration efforts.

Remote controlled helicopter tricks

Yea, I know. High tech remote controlled toys are a little stupid. Old men who probably have no social life. But seriously, this video is impressive. Especially watch at the 2 and 3 minute marks. Crazy tricks.

Getting drunk in Antarctica

Do I really need to say anymore?  Fine, ok.  Fascinating article on the people stationed at the most remote location on earth and basically they are all alcoholics and boy does hell break out when they run out of beer.

PGA Tour pro Steve Elkington has the baddest RV in the world. Seriously.

Article is 6 months old, but I just ran across it after watching a show on elite RVs and discovered that PGA professional Steve Elkington built himself an RV from insanity land and takes it on tour with his family. They call it “The Big Show”. It’s 2 stories. What??!!  Even more interesting is that Elkington is now immersed in the startup website world with tech guru’s from California. Worth a read.

A bad lip reading of The Walking Dead

Yea, I know. I’m the last idiot to see these “Bad Lip Reading” videos, but good lord people, I can’t keep up with EVERYTHING online (but I come pretty close). Hilarious. The NFL players bad lip reading video is great too.  But if you’re a Walking Dead fan this is priceless.


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