So my phone has voicemail to text……

Somehow I recently and accidentally activated an app on my phone that transcribes voicemail messages to text. It’s accuracy leaves something to be desired but often generates a few chuckles. Here’s the latest:

“Hey buddy what’s up, it’s locked…hope you’re doing well… you try to talk to you was an all day meeting I wannna talk to you about it but….anyway I was in a meeting so I wanna know when you get it done I am done now with dinner because my…..we’ll grow up and going home I’d love to just fall asleep if you really need this I can doing it….just treating you copy in U.S. for…the Lenny vacation or any schedule have least direction on top you but….let me know when you know if you have to be tonight call me so I know…49 o’clock I’ll talk to you. bye.”




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