Wendy’s employee serves himself a Wendy’s Frosty right into his mouth

Wendy's frosty served into employees mouthSo this photo surfaced today of a Wendy’s employee literally serving himself a vanilla frosty directly into his mouth. No cup or cone required. Seriously? That’s his disgusting mouth right on the ice cream nozzle.

Who are these idiots who keep popping up doing insanely inappropriate things at their places of employment. Did they not just watch the debacle that went viral with the licking of the Taco Bell taco shells? You’d think these morons didn’t have the Internet (which we know isn’t true).

Are they looking to get fired? To become Internet famous?

No picture, anywhere or anytime is going to stay hidden anymore in today’s world. Companies are really going to have to start addressing serious social media policies and penalties to protect themselves. It’s going to need to be written into the hiring contact for all employees because the potential for PR damage is too great.

I freaking love Frostys but I’ve got a sick feeling in my stomach at the moment.

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