50 Websites Your Startup Needs to Succeed

startup-600Great piece in INC magazine I just read through today with a list of 50 websites to help a startup get going. And as you well know, I’m in the middle of the startup world right now so I gave it extra attention.  The link to the full list is at the end but here are the handful of sites from the 50 that I’ve gotten the most benefit from since we launched Becoming 3D.

1. Business.com

Business.com is no longer a directory of sites. Now you can find all sorts of tips for marketing, office management, human resources, and a ton of other great information that every startup needs when coming up with a game plan to create a company.

4. Copyscape

“Content is king!” can be heard in every industry. No matter who writes your content, make sure it passes Copyscape. This is an affordable service that instantly checks for duplicate or plagiarized content. Many times plagiarism isn’t the culprit, but (especially with technical content) it can look that way nonetheless, which kills your SEO and mars your reputation.

17. Google Drive

Cloud storage and technology can save a startup in overhead, total costs and is eco-friendly. It can also allow for telecommuting options. Google Drive is one of the most popular of cloud storage solutions and offers a generous amount of space for free.

19. LinkedIn

Unlike many other social media sites, you don’t need to post regularly in order to capitalize on LinkedIn. Build your business’ reputation, post jobs, get involved in discussions or join groups. It’s the virtual networking site that every startup needs to be on.

28. PDFtoWord.com

You’re a business and you’re going to be dealing with a lot of PDFs. There will (quickly) come a time when you need to convert it to a Word doc. Keep this site bookmarked to make it fast and easy.

41. Happening

Networking is either your forte or what you consider the worst part of having a startup. With Happening, you’ll instantly see all the related events near you. Simply click on the ones that pique your interest and they’ll instantly be added to your calendar.

50. Startup Giraffe

Get free help with the trifecta of startup challenges: Strategy, design and development. This site helps with designing a strategy, actually creating mockups of your vision and build real products with useful feedback.

Here’s the article with the full list of 50


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