Why the Streak Gmail extension is driving me insane

Ever sent emails and wondered if the recipient was receiving them?  Or more importantly reading them?

I have always wondered. Too often I’d email someone something reasonably important, needing an answer or action, and not hear back from them for days.

I always wondered, “Did they really not see my email till now, or just ignore me for a while?

So you can imagine that when I learned of Streak, a new Chrome extension that syncs with Gmail and lets you know WHEN and WHERE people read your emails, I was pretty intrigued. Oh it does other cool stuff like manage customers and contacts, works as a sales CRM, and schedules emails, but I was only interested in it showing me when people read mine.

And I can tell you now, after using it for more than a month, that it’s driving me insane.

There’s no ambiguity anymore.  No uncertainty. You see EXACTLY the moment a person reads your email. You see what device they read it on, phone, desktop, or iPad. You see approximately where they are with a Google map widget.

And you soon see exactly who’s avoiding you.

So there’s no more wondering  things like…”maybe they are in meetings all day” or “maybe it went to their spam folder” or “maybe they’re on a boat in the South Pacific and have no Wi-Fi”. No, now you know immediately. They can’t hide.

And you can’t believe the level of frustration you feel when you see someone read your email and not reply for 15 minutes……..2 hours……..a day……..many days. It’s just so infuriating to know that you’ve been either ignored, or not important enough for them to devote a few minutes of thought to.

Especially if the emails are work related. Oh those just burn me up. You mean to tell me we’re working on a project together (or you’re doing work for me, the client) and you don’t have the courtesy to respond to me?  Seriously? You read my email and say to yourself, “ehh, not in the mood to give him an answer. I’ll wait for a while. Maybe I’ll reply tomorrow.”

Oh the thought of this drives me just nuts.

So, that’s my take on Streak. I’m almost tempted to NOT give you the link to where to download it, but I will. Go ahead. Torture yourself.

I really need to just delete the app and go back to the days of blissful ignorance, or at least blissful confusion. But like Facebook, I’m kinda addicted.

Download Streak at your own risk HERE.



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