Local SEO 

Prompt for GMB Posts:

Your task is to help me create 4 local SEO optimized Google Business Profile posts for the following business written in the first person in English. 

Every post you give me needs to be at least three sentences long and use at least 5 important local SEO keywords for this type of business. 

They should also all end with a call to action. 

They should Include a title, use emojis, include a call-to-action, and a sense of urgency

The updates should not mention discounts or new products. 

These updates should all be very different from each other, talking about different things related to this type of business. 

These updates should reference the locations of northern Virginia, Washington, DC, and Fairfax county.

Everything I said above is important and must be followed. 

Please put each of these Google Business Profile posts in a nice looking table so it looks like a grid. 

There should only be two columns in the grid. 

One column should be the post number. 

The second column should be the post you came up with. 

The first thing you say should be a big bold header saying “GBP Posts for CLIENT” and replace CLIENT with the Business name provided in the prompt. 

Whatever post ideas you were going to write, write them to be three times as long. These posts ideas should be ready to post without me having to change anything first.

CLIENT: Adeler Jewelers

I’m targeting the keywords: custom designed jewelry, engagement rings